Reviews about Varius Plus

  • Gisela
    Want to say a big thank you to the manufacturer varius plus for a really effective tool! Only by applying this gel, I finally forgot about almost constant aching pain in the legs. Now every day is much nicer, and I can sleep at night)
    Varius Plus
  • Ingrid
    On personal experience were convinced what to get rid of varicose veins using only one gel. Gel varius plus recommended therapist. Glad time found out about this tool because it was already going on the surgery laser. Today made a repeat order, looking forward to delivery. I will use prevention!
    Varius Plus
  • Monika
    Order varius plus for myself, husband and our parents. Use the whole family. My husband and I for the prophylaxis, parents for treatment. The tool really helps. No heavy legs and swelling. Parents say that they started to use this gel, it became easier to walk and veins become less visible.
    Varius Plus
  • Wolfgang
    Around six months ago noticed that my right leg is very much enlarged veins. Went to the doctor, he said that it is a predictable age-related varicose veins. Appointed just gel varius plus. The improvement was even after the first month of use. But, on the recommendation of the same doctor, I use gel so far, for prevention.
    Varius Plus
  • Ursula
    Use varius plus for about three months, apply to feet once a day before bedtime. I think only with this tool, I no longer pain and severity from a day in heels. Recently I noticed that the foot ceases to stand out of Vienna as it was before. Good, recommend.
    Varius Plus
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