Experience in the use of Varius Plus

the use of Varius Plus gel against varicose veins - before and after

Hello, my name is Ilona, I live and work in one of the most beautiful cities in Austria, Klagenfurt. Today I decided to share my experience of using Varius Plus, gel against varicose veins. I tell you how I found out about this gel where and how to buy, how to use it, about the personal results of the application. Will show photos before and after use.

The first photo was taken before the doctor's visit.

Gel Varius Plus - personal experience where I bought

Daily application of this gel was prescribed by my doctor. After the birth of her third child very much began to hurt his feet. First even could not think that it would be varicose veins. Of course, I heard about this disease and more than once, but as always happens, did not expect that this disease will affect me, young and beautiful). In General, when the pain became constant and almost passed I noticed more and the veins. Went to the clinic to the specialist. Diagnosis of varices second degree.

According to the doctor's decided to buy Varius Plus. It is necessary to use it daily for six months, twice a day. And supposedly after this course, varicose veins will not remain and a trace.

To buy a vehicle was not so simple. As I found out in pharmacies and retail stores this gel is not for sale, you can buy only through the official website of the manufacturer. Went to the site, the order form indicated the name and phone number. After 10-15 minutes I called the Manager, said the address and time of delivery, provided advice on how to use the gel, from which it is made, etc.

In General, 2 days later I took my order in the mail at home. Paid also on the mail upon receipt. Start to use it.

Gel against varicose veins - how to use the results

To use Varius Plus very simple. As usual the cream is applied on the affected vein and the skin. On prescription was used twice a day, morning and evening before bedtime. And so every day for six months.

experience in the use of Varius Plus against varicose veins

One package I had enough for two or three weeks. With regard to effectiveness and affordable prices, for me, buying gel Varius Plus turned out to be quite profitable. Moreover, I bought five packages and additionally got a discount.

The first noticeable positive results from daily use of this gel I have noticed that after the first few weeks. Was still pain, heaviness, began to feel better in General, there was a lightness in the legs, it became easier to walk. Gradually, after each month, paid attention and compared for the before and after photos look like my legs. Every time the veins became less, less and less remained of the so-called blue stars. By the end of the sixth month from the symptoms of varicose veins are practically gone! The second photo was made just after the end of the sixth month of using the gel Varius Plus.

Will sum up. On own experience made sure that the gel against varicose veins Varius Plus - really effective tool, while at a very affordable price. For all the time use never has any allergies. With my job the gel handled, well, perfectly! Continue to use the gel once a day to prevent the recurrence of varicose veins. I'm happy with the result, the tool I recommend!