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    15 January 2021
  • Operation to remove varicose veins on the legs, types of operations, conservative methods of treating varicose veins, types of operations, contraindications.
    4 December 2020
  • Treatment of varicose veins of the lower extremities: where does therapy begin, a change in lifestyle, taking medications, surgery in the later stages, wearing compression underwear, changing the diet, preventive measures to get rid of the disease.
    7 September 2020
  • The main rules for varicose veins. Permitted actions and basic prohibitions, useful tips.
    5 September 2020
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    31 August 2020
  • The causes and symptoms of varicose veins. Measures to alleviate the condition of the disease and its further treatment. Preventive recommendations.
    26 August 2020
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    24 August 2020
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    23 August 2020
  • On varicose veins of the lower extremities: factors of development of the pathology, classification, hazards and complications, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, Outlook and prevention.
    8 July 2020
  • The main causes of varicose veins symptoms of the disease and methods of treatment, a possible complication of the disease.
    7 July 2020